We strive to create impact in Uganda by following environment protection, social benefits, and fair trade principles within our out-grower community, local communities where we work and farm, and with our employees and suppliers along the value chain.

How do we do this?


Our Jakana out-growers are trained two times a year on new farming practices and standards to help them improve the production output of their fields.  They are paid directly at the time of purchase from our Jakana buyers so that they are offered fair market prices plus paid their organic premiums.

We also have created a community premium fund with our buyers in order to give back to the communities in which our farmers live.

Local Communities

Our communities which surround our factory and our farm benefit from trainings, agro-processing education, new product development opportunities for any and all entrepreneurs interested in value addition.  Our teams offer internship opportunities and on the job training and skills building in order to grow the community in which we live and work.

Environmental Protection

We ensure that we are protecting our local community by boycotting smoking and plastic bags within our compound to reduce on the water channel trash which is choking our Lake Victoria wildlife.  We promote the reduction of trash by purchasing wholesale, we also upcycle our pouch packaging by creating new, higher value items from what would normally just be manufacturing waste. We are also working with an Integrated Recycling Plant in Kampala to recycle our pouch packaging PE/PET plastic so that it doesn’t end up in the unregulated waste management system in Kampala.

As a part of our organic training, we are educating communities about the linkages of Organic farming to the possible solutions to curb climate change issues before it is too late.  We encourage the planting of 5 trees per year per farm, we of course discourage any synthetic chemical usage, standards do not allow for planting in any protected environments, and we encourage youth to get involved in farming to inter-generational knowledge transfer so as to protect the environment for generations to come.

Jakana Foods is also participating in the updating of the Uganda National Industry Policy 2019 in order to ensure that the Industry 4.0 Revolution incorporates Smart Technology with linkages to climate change, trade, food security, and gender roles.

Our Value Chain

We are nothing without our suppliers and employees who contribute the quality work which we provide to our customers.  Our employees are offered training opportunities, and our priority is to always promote from within first to give our long-standing employees the chance to grow their career within a growing company.