Welcome To Jakana Foods Ltd.

Jakana Foods Ltd (JFL) is a limited liability company incorporated in 2008 with its head office in Kawempe, Kampala Uganda. The company is engaged in the commercial processing and marketing of all natural food products. Today, brand Jakana, is a well-recognized and popular brand among Ugandan consumers. Jakana’s goal is to the production of high quality all natural and gourmet food products made from local ingredients grown and produced in Uganda, with sales to the consumer, large scale missions in the region, and the gourmet market abroad.

What do we do?

Jakana foods deals in processing and packaging fruits, the company provides a ready market for locally grown fruits as well as generating jobs. Through our technical partners such as African Development foundation (ADF), UN-Habitat, Makerere University School of Food Science & Technology and others, we are spearheading the processing of natural food production in Africa to big and greater heights.

So why go Organic?

Organic is built on four main principles:  HEALTH, ECOLOGY, FAIRNESS, and CARE.   These fundamental values have been built into Jakana Foods products since it began in 1995.  We live under the philosophy of providing all natural food products without any added chemicals, so by meeting the goals of Organic standards to begin with the care of the soil, protection of the environment, and to produce healthy products for the world, then we shall be doing our part.

Uganda has the 4th largest number of certified Organic farmers in the world, so more and more the world markets are coming to Uganda to meet the needs of their clients and customers.  Inquiries for tropical fruit products come to Jakana Foods because of our focus on key fundamentals for trust, integrity, protection for the environment, and care for the health and well being of our customers, farmers, our employees, and our communities which we work in.  

Our primary inputs are purchased directly from 100s of farmers from Luweero, Kayunga, Kangulumira, Nakaseke, Masaka, Soroti, and Ntungamo Districts.

If you are interested in a certain product, or working under a community supported agriculture (CSA) model, we can do that.  Knowing exactly where your food comes from builds community and connects people in new ways as the world comes together to make it a better place than when we got here.

Dried Pineapple Rings, Chunks, or Quarters

Outgrower Scheme Builds Community

Jakana Foods  100's of farmers in the Kayinja Banana Farmers Association in Nakaseke area of Luwero District of Central Uganda for our all natural fruit products.  Jakana Foods is also working with hundreds of farmers in Kayunga, Kangulumira, Luwero, Nakaseke, and Ntungamo Districts to bring you high quality organic certified dried fruits using the principles of Fair For Life Social and Fair Trade program to ensure protection for our environment, fair wages for our workers, and fair trade for our farmers.


Dried Banana slices, rounds, or chunks


Dried Jackfruit

Passion Fruit Juice

Featured Dried Fruit and All Natural Juice Products

We source 100% Ugandan fruits for our fruit products. Uganda after all is the #1 fruit producing nation in Africa, no need to go anywhere else but our own backyard: The East African Rift Valley.  Jakana All Natural Fruit products are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and a necessary part of your recommended daily consumption of five fruits a day. We have two main product lines:  Dried Fruit (Pineapple, Banana - 4 types, Mango, Papaya, and Jackfruit) and all Natural Fruit Juice (Banana, Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Tropical Punch, Passion Fruit).  We do not use any additives or preservatives, and there are no added sugars to our juice products.  We can produce any flavor as ready-to-drink or concentrate/pulp.  We can also customize flavors and custom shapes and sizes to meet your market needs.


Dried Mango slices, edges, or chunks


Orange Juice: Rich in Vitamin C

Mango Juice

Packaging Technology Solutions

Packaging solutions at Jakana Foods focuses on stand up pouch packaging solutions designed to natural add shelf life to products. When you match the right packaging technology with the right products, the consumers win because of the natural preservation techniques of the products.  So at Jakana Foods we offer contract manufacturing and packing solutions for businesses who want the same natural preservation of their products for their consumers as well.

Dried Papaya

Banana Juice - Doctor Recommended


Tropical Punch